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streamlined ramblings

i have a secret santa to go to in 30 minutes
its with people i can say i love dearly.
christmas shopping is such a bitch. especially
with all these ghetto hick mothers everywhere
hell bent of getting little sticks for their kids.
i finally found all the presents in.. about 5 hours.
traffic was horrid.. i couldnt live in a really
crowded area.. it makes me nauseous.
naps are awesome and so are seeing old friends
when walking around the mall.
freshly clipped nails.. feels great.
got my new contacts FINALLY.. green and gray.
i miss you lots.. last night was probably a
conversation i needed to have for awhile now.
still havent seen spongebob the movie.. -=(
i bought a blue transformers watch today..
you push the button and maximus's face mask
pulls down and shows the time.
id be so lost without you.
my parents are getting kinda moody.. poop.
i want to get a job.. like now.
okay off off and away!
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