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this will just be me bitching

whoever created the idea of 'finals'
is worse than fabled lucifer.
i mean seriously.. one week? and we
get 2 days off? then its finals.
not to mention the week before
finals week is when most of my
classes gave their 3rd midterms.
suck ass donkey monkey balls bitch.
haha. so yeah took my genetics
and economics finals already and
i feel pretty confident but i dont
wanna jinx it. tomorrow morning
is my LAST final over organic chem.
im jittery and scared. someone hold
me. speaking of which this guy felt
on my hair today while i was buying
redbull and gummies. freaky.
okay done with the break.

btw is it possible to get a headache
from studying?

i get wait to get back home to

joyce and tiffanie
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