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man its been awhile

[ school ]
accidently went on this page again. read my past entries. WHOA.
puff puff pass. its finals week and nicotine and caffeine are
my poisons this week. nothings really new with me aside from
a great purchase of teas from albertsons with a huge ass mug.
its sweet i swear. okay well whoever else is taking finals
good fucking luck. and if i prayed.. id pray for you. <3

[ death ]
i found out yesterday a lady at my church died. she was the
sweetest lady.. she drove me home once because my parents
were both at work. i remember she asked me to usher during
service.. and everytime i did she ALWAYS said 'you look so
handsome wearing that bowtie' haha. i felt like i was at
such a loss. i cant even go to her funeral. -=( i never
handle death well. just typing this out makes my throat dry
and my eyes water. rest in peace. thank you for everything.
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