ianmichael (ian_michael) wrote,

so far this summer.

im lovin it. spendin lots of time with ppl ive missed out on since austin.
met a whole lot of badass ppl.. chris, ne, kay, and jenn.
got to see my lovers as much as possible ie tiff, eugene, min, and cherrie.
that fruity girl left for cali tho. ive gotten closer to the ppl that
i think i was meant to have as friends. and gotten farther away from
the assholes posing as friends. time with the parents too.. helpin around
house. drunk times. sober times. shopping. laughing mostly. chillin.
clubbin. painting with my juicy joyce. gawd man.. no matter what i love
dallas cuz of these ppl. i couldnt stay in austin all year. been listenin
to modest mouse float on alot. the kill timer has started. goin to the
philippines soon. i cant wait to see my cousins.. and to fukkin shop with
my mom! damn strizzle. saw fahrenheit 9/11 with nabs.. very interesting.
much a center of controversy here. i like being around wild ppl. things
get really fukkin crunkizzle. lol. kk i need to end this stream now. out.
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