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big ass updaters

+ school starts soon and only 2 more years until im done with my microbio degree
+ i have two badass roomies, although i do honor tj as an awesome roomie
+ moving back saturday with the help of my brother

+ boyfriend is coming in to help me move my stuff
+ i get to be with him for 8 days straight
+ looking forward to introducing him to family and friends -=)
+ gotta start cleaning up and packing up
+ got a new cd player in my car! whooooopie!
+ gonna get a new hair cut tomorrow and new color
+ boyfriend and i are looking for a doggie.. a yorkie named rocko
+ taking 17 hours this semester and looking for a job
+ excited about my major now
+ busy year for the FSA in austin
+ been at the gym for a good two hours 6 days a week
+ our 2 months is coming up
+ everything is falling into place and it feels great
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