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i really like anna nalick

mooooooo. im going shopping in san marcos with the family.
mucho excited. life is going great. summer is awesome. im
finally content with the major and career im working towards.
i get to move to lovely san diego sooner than expected.
watching margaret cho on the tv. she lost alot of weight.
im taking speech and history for summer 2.. boring. dads
signing me up for a gym membership for the rest of summer.
sauna anyone? holler! ive realized what im worth because
of you. <3 sorry i dont show it as much as i know you deserve.
i feel the patience in your touch and the honesty in your
kiss. i love my big sunglasses. "so diva" ahah. two more
years at UT for my bachelors. two more years at SDSU for my
masters. i cannot wait to be independent. i want a nose job.
i think im a little self-centered. i want some cheesecake.
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