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itunes will be the end of me

i just keep buying and buying albums on there
this morning i just got the bea and gwen stefani
album... im in auditory heaven right now <3

i need to study still.. shit.

I try to say it's over now that
I put to rest everything
Everything I felt and everything
I'm feeling
It's getting cold on the table
You look and tell me you're not
able to believe you put me through
I'm going through and
I should have known you tear apart
anything you reach I chase you then
I crash and walk away Can you feel
my insides bleeding? Your motives
are misleading
Why couldn't you just meet me halfway?
Danger's a fucking understatement you
chose for your name
You seduce every damsel in distress
with more pain
Worlds have stopped to
alter ways to your liking
I would rather be without you if it
means less breaking
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