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im better, im over it.
no hard feelings to anyone.
it really SHOULDNT have mattered.
i guess i get over things pretty well now.
thanks to the ppl that fucked me over
previously to prepare me for this.
but yea.. no hard feelings towards anyone.
things so far shouldnt affect me.
i will not waste anymore time
even dwelling on any of it.
come to realize how awesome my
friends and family are <3.
nearly time to move back to austin.
school starts soon.
my apartment number is 634.
it will be an interesting apt is all
ill really say about that.
"boom bitch whats happening" lol
..im so fukkin ghetto sometimes.
i miss my dad, bro, and cousins.
i <3 myspace.. so many hot bitches.
ian has an itty bitty crush.
okay time to go surfing. bye :D
[internet surfing]
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